Year: 2021
Director: Oliver Kracht
Production: GmbH, SWR

Germany 1946. Hunger, rubble and returning soldiers. Young Charlotte is pregnant, but her beloved returnee Ludwig wants neither her nor his child. To win him over and escape the threat of disgrace, she enrolls in the „Fräulein Course“ taught by actress Gloria Deven, who was an aspiring movie starlet under fascism and is now banned from working. The word on the street is that the course teaches you how to win and retain any man. But Gloria, with her merciless teaching, is not interested in reviving the girls‘ coquetry, which had become unnecessary during the war. Instead, she awakens in her students a longing for something that has been denied them for too long: Freedom.

Already during the first steps of „Trümmermädchen“ in 2017 Oliver and I talked intensively about the music for this really exceptional film. Although my friend and fellow composer Patrick Puszko ended up composing the score for Trümmermädchen, I contributed an equally off-the-wall song like the film itself for one of the film’s core moments. A homage to the great Iggy Pop, pulsing, groovy beats from 80s drum machines and wacky guitars and snythi sounds. The song was also chosen as the trailer music for the feature film.