Diese eine Nacht
(This One Night)

Year: 2014
Director: Alexander Conrads
Production: rooftopfilms

When he takes her to his hotel room and both expect nothing, but a „regular“ one-night stand, their few hours together turn into real intimacy. But then the night is over and suddenly all the beauty is gone.

Festivals: Visionale Hessen 2014 (Winner – 20-27 Jahre), video&filmtage Koblenz 2014, Filmfest Biberach 2014, REC Filmfest Berlin 2014, video&filmtage Wien 2014, YOUKI Film Festival 2014, Zum Goldenen Hirsch 2015 (Winner), FiSH Rostock 2015, Christian-Tasche Filmpreis 2015 (Winner), et al.

The score of „This One Night“ is characterized by a soft piano sound. The music largely accompanies the intimate dialogues of the film and takes the viewer into an all-changing night.