Fishing Avocados

Year: 2021
Director: Julia Müller, Maxine Roediger
Production: Filmkunscht GBR

When Olivia learns that her ex-boyfriend Lukas has gone abroad (without telling her a word), she is determined: she must win him back. The only problem is that she’s the one who ended the relationship. Her best friend Toni has a better plan: two weeks until the letter arrives. That’s two weeks for Olivia to get over him and learn to stand by herself and her decisions.

Drums, guitars, bass and piano: a pragmatic band, just as crazy as Olivia and Toni, the two main characters of „Fishing Avocados“, is all the music needed. A crossover of funk, rock and blues genres drives the plot of the series forward. It plays with the comic dialogues and gags of the series just as it underlines the emotional moments.